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Free Bitcoins 2019

Earning free cryptocurrency especially bitcoin, has become something within reach of anyone who has a computer, an Internet connection and a bitcoin wallet.
There are many sites where you can earn bitcoins for free, but most of them have become a scam.
That is why it is important to look for reliable sites that pay on time. And is the most trusted bitcoin site of all.

What Is is a fairly veteran website where you can win small fractions of Bitcoin in the simplest way possible.
Founded in 2013, it is without a doubt the best option you will find today to earn bitcoins for free over the Internet.
Anyone in any part of the world can register and start earning money without restrictions or barriers.
It has established itself as one of the most reliable faucets that exist today. In the more than five years it has been in operation, the site has been adding bit by bit more features so that users have several options to get more than interesting prizes.

How To Register on

First of all, to start winning satoshis in FreeBitcoin you must have an account. Creating an account on this page is completely free and can be done by any user regardless of the country where you reside.
First is to open the official site of and simply fill in the form indicating your email, a password and the bitcoin address where you want to receive your future payments (optional, you can leave it blank and then from your account in Profile »Change Withdrawal Address you can set it).

Finally you must solve a captcha and hit the ‘Sign up’ button. Registration
Well, once this point is clarified, the next step will be to click on the confirmation link that you will receive in your email.
Once done, you will be ready to login your account and start earning bitcoins.
Here on the below image, you can see the homepage of and you’ll notice the menu that there are many ways for us to earn bitcoins.
Today I will show you everything on how you can earn free bitcoin. Home

Free Btc

This page has several ways to win, it is very intuitive and easy to use. In the first tab of the menu, ‘Free BTC’ you will find the Faucet and you will see the image shown below. Roll Bitcoin
You just have to solve the captcha and hit the ‘Roll!’ button. As you can see, it is a series of numbers with their corresponding prizes.
You must bear in mind that the prizes vary constantly depending on the price of Bitcoin. For example, if you get any number between 0 and 9885, you will get a prize of 189 satoshis.
If by chance you get the number 10000, you would earn 0.0274 BTC at the time of this writing, which at the current price would be about $200.
The maximum you can win every roll is worth $200 and the bitcoin amount will adjust accordingly at the current price.
This simple step can be done 24 times a day, since the ROLL button is reset every hour. Payout
Additionally, for each roll you will also win lottery tickets and reward points redeemable for incredible prizes.
The lottery draw is held every week and you can win spectacular prizes. As for the points, they can be exchanged directly by Bitcoins or by gifts.

Multiply Btc

In the next section, ‘Multiply BTC’, you will find a game where you can multiply your bitcoins for up-to 4750 times!
Imagine if you have 1 bitcoin that could be multiplied to 4750 bitcoins. Of course that is very difficult to achieve but not impossible.You can do that by playing their provably fair ‘Hi-Lo’ game.
This game is very simple and as the name suggest, you should be able to guess if the roll number will be higher or lower than the given number. Multiply Btc
The game allows you to choose the amount you bet and what you want to win or the odds. Another option is to play number 8888 and win the jackpot as seen to the right of the image.
There is even a tab where you can play in automatic. For playing you will also receive a lottery ticket and 1 Reward Points, regardless of whether you win or lose for every 0.00000500 BTC you have played.

Earn Btc

A very interesting way to get additional bitcoins in without doing anything is through the passive interests that this page offers daily.
The only requirement is to keep at least a balance of 0.0003 BTC in your account. In this way you will generate a daily interest of approximately 0.0109589% which makes an annual interest of 4.08%.
Obviously the more balance you hold in your account without withdrawing the earnings derived from the interest will be higher. Earn Btc


The lottery is weekly and is played every Sunday. You will get free tickets every time you use the faucet (normally, 2 tickets per spin).
In addition they will give you free participation tickets for betting on the multiply btc game and 1 ticket for each time a referral uses the faucet.
In the tab ‘Lottery’ you can check the jackpot accumulated so far in each of the ten prizes and the time remaining until the next draw.
You can also see the number of tickets you have accumulated and give the option to buy more shares of one satoshi equivalent to 1 ticket. Lottery


In the section ‘Rewards’ you can redeem the Reward Points that are obtained through the faucet, the game or through referrals.
These points can be exchanged for different rewards: electronic gadgets, hardware wallets and gift cards.
You can also exchange these points for tickets for the lottery or claims with bonus in the faucet. Another alternative is to change the points by satoshis directly. Reward Prizes Reward Points


One of the strengths of this page without a doubt is its referral system. With a good network of active referrals, your daily earnings will increase considerably.
 Free BTC  You will earn 50% of the winnings obtained in the Faucet + 1 Ticket lottery + 1 Reward Point for each ROLL that your referrals make.
 Multiply BTC   You will also get 0.40% of the amounts played by your referrals in this section, regardless of whether they win or lose.
 Earn BTC   You will get 25% of the daily interest that your referrals obtain daily. Referral


Another way to get free bitcoin is by ‘Contest”. This is a monthly contest where the total prize is $30,000.
To win in the first contest, which the total prize is $20,000, you must be included to the top 10 rank of users with the highest wagering volume for the month.
Meaning your total wager in ‘Multiply Btc’ should be the top 10 highest among all the players.
And to win the second contest which is the referral contest with prizes total of $10,000, you must be included to the rank of top 10 users with combined wagering amount of their referrals. Wagering Contest Referral Contest

Mining Bitcoins

FreeBitcoin has added a new way to get bitcoins through mining. It is about using the power of your computer to mine bitcoins through the browser.
You will find this option on the main page by clicking on the “Use your browser to passively mine and earn bitcoins! Click here to read more “. 
By the way, this feature is for selected users only and if you found this option available then you can consider yourself lucky and I recommend to grab this opportunity to mine bitcoin. Mining
Below image is the page for mining bitcoins and the process is very simple. You must assign the number of processors you want to use and the percentage of performance you are willing to share.
In case you are not using the computer at those times, you can leave the performance at 100% and use all the available cores.
In case you are using the PC, it is best to put 1 or 2 cores to work as much and a percentage of performance not higher than 30%. Anyway, it’s a matter of trying different configurations until you find the one that best suits your computer.
To start the process simply press the “Start Mining” button. You can stop it at any time by clicking on “Stop Mining”. Mining Bitcoins

Proof Of Payments

Below images are my personal stats and received payments. Personal Stats Total Payouts Latest Payments

Conclusion is definitely legit and it does pays. It has been doing it for more than five years and nowadays it is still punctual in this aspect.
Also it offers different methods of payment to adapt to all types of users. The deadline to receive the money will depend on the type of payment you have chosen.
However for whichever you choose the mode of payment, you must have at least 0.00030000 BTC or 30,000 satoshis in your balance to withdraw.
Auto: This option is checked by default. With this method you will automatically receive the payment every Sunday if you reached the minimum 30,000 satoshis. The transaction fee for this option is the lowest.
 Manual: This payment method takes between 6 to 24 hours and has the second lowest transaction fee.
 Instant:  You will receive the payment in about 15 minutes with the highest transaction fee compared to the previous two options.

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